Guo-Sheng, Zhang

2019-12-16 By:

Professor Guo-Sheng, Zhang

Research interests

  • Soil structural and physical      fertility

  • Soil organic carbon dynamics and      management

  • Nonpoint source pollution control

  • Sustainable intensive farming      systems


Prof. Guo-Sheng Zhang joined the Yunnan University in 2006. He has extensive research experience in China. Over the last 10 years, he published more than 30 refereed journal papers across a wide range of research areas in agronomy, crop management, soil management, soil chemistry and physics, and soil carbon sequestration. Currently he is leading and involved in several national coordinated projects.

Work Experience

  • Associate Professor to Professor,      Yunnan University, since 2006

  • Teaching Assistant to Associate Professor,      Gansu Agricultural University, 1993-2005


  • BA in Soil Science–Northwest      Agricultural University, China, 1993

  • MA in Agronomy Science– Gansu      Agricultural University, China, 1999

  • PhD in Agronomy Science –Gansu      Agricultural University, China, 2004

Current projects

  • NSFC (2019-2022) (41867024)

  • BSHJ (2018-2020) (C176280111)

  • National Key S&T Program for Water Solutions      (2012-2018) (2012ZX07102-003-1)

  • NSFC (2011-2013) (31060085)

Recent Publications

  • Zhang, G.S., Zhang, F. X., 2019.      Variations in aggregate-associated organic carbon and polyester      microfibers resulting from polyester microfibers addition in a clayey      soil. Environmental Pollution,

  • Zhang, G.S., Zhang, F.X., Li, X.T.,      2019. Effects of polyester microfibers on soil physical properties:      Perception from a field and a pot experiment. Science of the Total      Environment, 670, 1-7.

  • Zhang, G.S., Liu, Y.F.,2018. The      distribution of microplastics in soil aggregate fractions in southwestern      China. Science of the Total Environment, 642, 12-20.

  • Zhang, G.S., Ni, Z.W., 2018. Soil      phosphorus fractions in aggregate size classes in southwestern China. Soil      Use and Management, 34, 266-275.

  • Zhang, G.S., Xue, J.X., Ni, Z.W.,      Li, J.C., 2018. Phosphorus accumulation and sorption characteristics of      P-enriched soils in the Dian Lake basin, southwestern China. Journal of      Soils and Sediments, 18(3), 887-896.

  • Zhang, G.S., Ni, Z.W., 2017. Winter      tillage impacts on soil organic carbon, aggregation and CO2 emission in a      rainfed vegetable cropping system of the mid–Yunnan plateau, China. Soil      and Tillage Research, 165, 294-301.

  • Zhang, G.S., Li, J.C., 2016.      Distribution of inorganic phosphorus in profiles and particle fractions of      Anthrosols across an established riparian buffer and adjacent cropped area      at the Dian lake (China). Solid Earth, 7(1), 301-310.

  • Zhang, G. S., Hu, X. B., Zhang, X.      X., Li, J., 2015. Effects of plastic mulch and crop rotation on soil      physical properties in rain-fed vegetable production in the mid-Yunnan      plateau, China. Soil & Tillage Research, 145, 111-117.

  • Yu, F.K., Huang, X.H., Duan, C.Q.,      He, S.Z., Zhang, G.S., Liu, C.E., Fu, D.G., Shao, H.B., 2014. Impacts of      Ageratina adenophora invasion on soil physical–chemical properties of      Eucalyptus plantation and implications for constructing agro-forest      ecosystem. Ecological Engineering. 64, 130-135.

  • Yu, F.K., Huang, X.H., Duan, C.Q.,      Zhang G.S., Lu, S.G., Liu, C.E., Fu, D.G., Shao, H.B., 2014. Eucalyptus      trees–Ageratina adenophora complex system: a new eco-environmental      protection model. Clean – Soil, Air, Water. 42 (5), 682-689.

  • Zhang, G.S., Hu, X.B., Zhang, X.X.,      Li, J.C., 2013. Effect of plastic mulch and winter catch crop on water      availability and vegetable yield in a rain-fed vegetable cropping system      at mid-Yunnan plateau, China. Scientia Horticulturae.164, 333-339.

  • Zhang, G.S., Li, J.C., Hu, X.B.,      Zhang, X.X., 2013. On-farm assessment of soil erosion and non-point source      pollution in a rain-fed vegetable production system at Dianchi lake’s      catchment, southwestern China. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems.96(1),      67-77.

  • Zhang, G.S., Zhang, X.X., Hu, X.B.,      2013. Runoff and soil erosion as affected by plastic mulch patterns in      vegetable field at Dianchi lake's catchment, China. Agricultural Water      Management. 122, 20-27.

  • Yu, F.K., Huang, X.H., Liang, Q.B.,      Yao, P., Li, X.Y., Liao Z.Y., Duan, C.Q., Zhang G.S., Shao, H.B., 2015.      Ecological water demand of regional vegetation: The example of the 2010      severe drought in Southwest China. Plant Biosystems. 1-11.

  • Zhang, G.S., Chan, K.Y., Li, G.D.,      Huang, G.B., 2011. The effects of stubble retention and tillage practices      on surface soil structure and hydraulic conductivity of a loess soil, Acta      Ecologica Sinica. 31, 298-302.

  • Zhang, G.S., Chan, Y., Li, G.D.,      Huang, G.B., 2008. Effect of straw and plastic film management under      contrasting tillage practices on the physical properties of an erodible      Loess soil. Soil and Tillage Research. 98(2), 113-119.

  • Zhang, G.S., Chan, Y., Oates, A.,      Heenan, D.P., Huang, G.B., 2007. Relationship between soil structure and      runoff/soil loss after 24 years of conservation tillage. Soil and Tillage      Research. 92(1-2), 122-128.

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School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Yunnan University

No.2 North Street of Green lake, Kunming

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